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Multiple Teams · Fowlerville High School 2016-17 Tri-Athletes!

Congratulations to the 2016-17 “TRI-ATHLETE” Gladiators; we are pleased to announce we have 21 freshman, 16 sophomores, 4 juniors and 8 seniors!

We are faced with the challenge of increasing participation in high school sports; we know the benefits of competing for your school outweigh the potential long term gains of specialization. We are competing against many factors that promote specialization, some student athletes have to get jobs to pay for gas/insurance/etc, or just dealing with the dilemma of burn out.

We want to honor the kids in our school who supported Fowlerville Athletics all year-maybe the star, the role player, the practice player…doesn’t matter. They gave us their time and we appreciate the commitment – the following student-athletes are “TRI-ATHLETES!”

Your “TRI-ATHLETE” will receive his/her t-shirt in the Athletic Office on the last day of school (June 14)…please make sure they stop by!

Kallie Beauchamp 9
Peyton Boden 9
Jayci Clark 9
Haley Curd 9
Azhanae Depa 9
Cole Deyo 9
Madison Fredrick 9
Jacob Friel 9
Nathan Gendron 9
Jack Kujawa 9
Joshua Leonard 9
Isabelle Litz 9
Nathan Loose 9
Mackenzie Nachtigal 9
Mason Phillips 9
Kaitlyn Ripley 9
Bryson Scott 9
Garett Shermoe 9
Lillian Smith 9
Mason Sova 9
Frances Updike 9
Mackenzie Brigham 10
Samuel Browne 10
Meghan Douglass 10
Caden Flanery 10
Dalaija Franklin 10
Marie Horlacher 10
Jackie Jarvis 10
Alec Johnson 10
Natalie Juopperi 10
Ryanne Maddox 10
Christian Montrose 10
James Petri 10
Joseph Quigley 10
Nicholas Reason 10
Shaw Sova 10
Grace Wallace 10
Mitchell Bishop 11
Hunter Maddox 11
Olivia Updike 11
Hunter Wilson 11
Cameron Brigham 12
Nathaniel Leonard 12
Justin McCullough 12
Nicholas Montrose 12
Cody Persons 12
Thomas Quaine 12
Nicholas Semke 12
Andrew Spalding 12